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Welcome to the Dynamics Blog hosted by the professionals at Armanino. This blog is about anything that may be helpful to others regarding Microsoft Dynamics' software. The topics can be anything from Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, CRM, SharePoint, MAS 90/200, .NET development, accounting, compliance and more.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Tales from the Trenches - Watch Out for the Recent Windows Update

We are thrilled to present the very first installment in a new blog series for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice! Tales from the Trenches will highlight quick tips, caveats, work-arounds, and solutions for CRM. Much of the information will cater to developers, but there will also be useful information for CRM System Administrators and Power Users. We hope that you enjoy this new series and find it helpful in your CRM endeavors!

Watch out for Windows Update KB3008923!

Windows Update KB3008923, which was released on December 9th, is intended as a Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer, but it wreaks havoc upon certain facets of Dynamics CRM. We experienced issues when attempting to modify System Views and Advanced Finds in Dynamics CRM 2011, as follows:

Internet Explorer 11: When choosing “Add Columns,” no fields are displayed. When choosing “Configure Sorting,” the Primary and Secondary Field options are not displayed.

Chrome: The fields are displayed, but nothing happens when clicking OK or Cancel. Clicking the Red X in the top right corner of the form closes the window and applies the changes.

We are also aware of some IE 10/11 users having problems assigning records in Dynamics CRM 2011.

Apparently, KB3008923 causes issues with the window.dialogArguments property in secondary windows. Microsoft is aware of this issue, and will revise the KB3008923 page when it has a solution. In the meantime, we recommend that you either (a) not install this update; or if you have already installed it (perhaps automatically), uninstall it via the Windows Control Panel.

**Patch Released: Microsoft has now released a patch that fixes the issues introduced with Windows Update KB3008923.**

By Rob Harrison, CRM Systems Administrator for Armanino

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Supply Chain Interface Module for AX - What Is It and What Can It Do For You

What is the supply chain interface module for Microsoft Dynamics AX and what can it do for you?

Armanino’s Supply Chain Interface  module for Dynamics AX has been around, supported, and upgraded (most recently to the Dynamics AX R3 release) for over 10 years and is used by numerous companies who use sub-contract manufacturers, most notably in the Life Science and Semiconductor Industry.

It's an often overlooked feature that gets bundled into our Dynamics AX implementations – so  while it gets a lot of use, it doesn’t get much attention. As with all of our solutions, the most recent release for R3 offers some new features, so this is a great time to share some insights on the module!

Whether you're newly hearing about the Supply Chain Interface module or you've known about it for years, here are some details on the newest version.

Monday, December 1, 2014

How to Remedy the Fixed Assets GL Posting Error for Dynamics GP

When GP 2013 was first released, it included a lot of enhancements to the Fixed Assets module. (See the new features that were released in our past post 5 New Features of the Fixed Asset Module in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013).

Today, I would like to bring your attention to a bug you may encounter in Fixed Assets in GP 2013 when running the GL Posting routine. (I admit this is a rather random error, but luckily, there is an easy work-around)!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yahoo! Finance Reporting Armanino's New High Tech and Life Sciences Manufacturing Industries Practice

We are thrilled to see Yahoo! Finance reporting on Jeff Russell's new role at Armanino as the head of our new High Tech and Life Sciences Industry Practice. Utilizing his previous experience and knowledge implementing solutions for semiconductor, electronic device, medical device, pharmaceutical and outsourced technology manufacturing environments, Jeff is well-suited to spearhead the practice.

Additionally, Jeff was just named to Silicon Valley Business Journal's People on the Move!

Read the full article from Yahoo! Finance and see Jeff's People on the Move page.

Check out more about High Tech and Life Sciences industry solutions from Jeff's team!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Preparing a Worry-Free Year-End Close in Dynamics GP

It's that time of year! As we near the end of 2014, Dynamics GP users are preparing for the year-end close. Join our featured speakers in a complimentary webinar to review the processes and procedures for a worry-free year-end close in Dynamics GP.

We'll discuss the importance of closing the year in GP, how to avoid common mistakes during the process, and provide some tools, tips, and tricks to make it a smooth process.

After this webinar, attendees should be able to perform the year-end closing process for both fiscal and calendar years in all modules for Dynamics GP, including 1099s and W-2s.

Register today for this complimentary webinar on November 19th and find more informative webinars from Armanino.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vanishing Forms in Dynamics AX

Over time, many of us have encountered behavior in AX when forms that were opened never emerged in front of existing open screens or forms. According to a blog from the Microsoft Dynamics AX Performance Team, this issue is due to a Windows timeout lock for forms with extensive data or for forms that take longer to open.

There is a registry key change which can be executed to resolve this issue. Check out the Microsoft blog for more details on the step-by-step process for resolving this behavior in AX and learn more about Armanino's Microsoft Dynamics practice.

By Jeff Russell, Director of Armanino's Industry Consulting Practice

Friday, November 7, 2014

Recording Third Party Disability Insurance Payment (TDI) Paid by an Insurance Company (Third Party)

Check out this step-by-step process for manually recording employee taxable wage and tax withholding amounts for third party disability insurance (TDI) payments in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll Manual Check-Adjustment Entry window.

This detailed view from John Snyder, a Senior Consultant for Armanino's Microsoft Dynamics GP practice, explains how to move through the process smoothly.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Retained Earnings, Currency Translation, and the Management Reporter with Dynamics GP Datamart

We’d like to point out some hurdles we have seen with Management Reporter and currency translation. (This KB article is a very good resource to read if you will be using Management Reporter and currency translation.)

Here are a few points I want to highlight.

On many of my implementations, I like offering the customer the option to use account categories. Management Reporter has made mapping to these categories much easier than Frx.  In Frx, you have numbers as the linked value, not the actual category name like in Management Reporter. If you do build your reports using categories, it makes it easier to keep the reports up to date, as new GL account numbers require a category to be added.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Increase Upselling Opportunities with Suggested Sales Items in GP2013 R2

Suggested Sales Items is an awesome feature that has been introduced in GP2013 R2. This feature leads to a potential increase in profitability by allowing the system to assist the salesperson with up-selling!  In order for this feature to appear in the Sales Module, the Suggested Sales Items must first be set up in the Inventory Module.

Monday, October 20, 2014

High Tech Outsourced Supply Chain Best Practices Webinar

Does worrying about compliance, traceability, and accurate forecasts (or lack thereof) keep you up at night?

Hear from Armanino's subject matter experts on this complimentary on-demand webinar to learn how high tech manufacturers and fabless semiconductor companies are addressing data capture, integration and collaboration with vendors, contract manufacturers and 3PLs to achieve a central view of their supply chain.

Learn about:
  • Fundamental "Best Practices"
  • Importance of good data
  • Enabling compliance and traceability
  • Moving to a proactive vs. reactive model
  • Identifying and eliminating supply chain obstructions
View the on-demand recording and the presentation from the webinar.